I said I wasn't going to do this.

Hi, my name is Chrissie and I was 100% wrong. My exact words to my best friend were "I have no desire to create a blog." And yet, I'm sitting at my desk taking the leap into something new. Writing is something I've done since I was a child; sharing the writing in such a public way is a new avenue entirely.

As a creative, I am sensitive about what I put out into the world. The concern is always whether it will be good enough, whether it will be liked, whether it's worth sharing at all. Finally, my desire to create & release my thoughts outweigh my fears. I'm grateful to all the people who have poured into me, encouraged me to step into this moment. I can't quite say this is a step into influencing; I consider it more as an outlet. I hope you'll stay and receive the things I have to share. Here goes nothing.