Host: LaJoy Cox

Venue: Upstairs Atlanta

Model: Paige Banks

I believe that when opportunity calls, you have to be prepared to answer. I had no idea the opportunity would come in the form of a wedding workshop hosted by LaJoy Cox.

LaJoy put out a model call via insta stories & I jumped at the chance to work with her. Am I a professional model? Definitely not. Am I someone who enjoys being in front of the camera & can take direction? Absolutely. All I knew was this was a chance I didn't want to miss.

I was on double duty as both model & photographer. As a photographer, I soaked up the valuable information I was being provided. As a model, I learned to improvise based on the directions I was given. From the time we sat down until we walked out the door, we were filled with information. Our learning was both verbal and hands on, as shooting challenges tested what we had learned so far. Yolanda (photographer + friend) & Teko (videographer + fiance' of LaJoy) contributed with their perspectives alongside LaJoy's. With tips on handling bridal parties, groom details & customer service, LaJoy gave a thorough & honest presentation, answering every question with ease. A key statement made was that it's ok to shoot every wedding as if it were going to be published or featured. Every client may not have the huge, lavish wedding but that doesn't mean they are any less deserving of wonderful pictures. Your job as the photographer is to tell the story of the day in all its beauty.

What I appreciated about this workshop was there was no "fluff". If you have ever met LaJoy or watched one of her infamous IG Lives, you know that she is not one to mince words. She was very direct & transparent in describing her experiences while also advising us on handling tough situations. There was no shortage of laughs, gasps & smiles the entire day. I believe many of us left encouraged in our work, empowered to continue in this industry & equipped to upgrade our client experience.

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