Meet Chrissandra.

Chris is a law school graduate who has seamlessly transitioned from the world of legal expertise to the realm of captivating visual storytelling. As a proud individual with Liberian and Nigerian roots, Chris's multicultural heritage adds depth and perspective to her artistic expression. Her parents' decision to immigrate from West Africa in the 1980s instilled in her a profound appreciation for diversity, culture, and the beauty that can be found in shared experiences. This rich background informs her work, allowing her to connect with people from all walks of life and capture their unique stories.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, she has honed her skills in photography, specializing in a unique blend of candid moments and editorial poses. Chris artfully captures the essence of each individual's authenticity, believing that the true magic lies within the fleeting, in-between moments that often go unnoticed. By highlighting these instances, she strives to make you feel extraordinary and present you at your absolute best.

Chris spends her free time shamelessly indulging in overpriced iced coffee, finding new culinary experiences, traveling to beautiful locations and spending quality time with her Shih-Tzu/Yorkie, Caesar. She is fiercely dedicated to 90s R&B, regular movie trips & her skincare routine.

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