Why do I need bridal portraits? Don't we take them on wedding day?

You absolutely do! However, bridal portraits before your big day are a little different. Here's 3 reasons you should be reaching out to your photographer to schedule a bridal portrait session:

Reason #1:

You get to try your entire look before the wedding (or even a different one).

Sometimes it's hard to see the full vision of your wedding day look. These portraits give you the opportunity to see everything put together in advance. This gives you a chance to change anything you may not like or be 100% sure about. Tip: schedule your hair & makeup trial for your portraits. Consider this session a wedding day trial: hair, makeup, dress, shoes, etc. If you're wearing two dresses or just want to try something different, this is your chance to do that too!

Reason #2:

It's all about you!

A bridal portrait session is all about you. It's a full session dedicated to documenting your details without the rush of the wedding day events. You get to relax, have fun and take amazing images for your memories. Some brides even choose to display them on their wedding day!

Reason #3:

Make your Pinterest dreams come true.

Remember those pictures you put on your Pinterest board? This is the perfect time to try them! Be as creative as you want to be. If you plan on having multiple looks, this is a great chance to take pictures in them as well. Make this session whatever your heart desires.